Ministry of Education Launches “Consultation” on Health and Physical Education

The Ministry  of Education has (very) quietly launched their consultation on the health and physical education curriculum, as well as a number of other education-related question.   Compared to the 2016-curriculum, which in-person consultation with thousands of parents, educators, students, and subject matter experts, the Ministry has limited consultation to written submissions, an online survey, and a series of telephone town halls.  This extremely limited consultation has rightly been described as an insult to parents and students and an insincere effort at best.

We still strongly encourage you to participate in every way possible, and want to make participation as easy as we can. Groups against safe and inclusive health education have been organizing around this consultation .  We must show up and make our voices heard.

There a number of ways you can participate in the consultation:

Provide a Written Submission

You or your organization is able to provide a written submission to the government.  We strongly suggest taking this route as it will provide you the space to get into why safe and modern health education is so important.

We’ve prepared a handy guide on how to host a forum and submit its results as your submission.  It covers topics to discuss, how to create an inclusive and accessible space, and tips on how to run a successful consultation forum. Interested in hosting a forum? Let us know and we’ll be happy to support you in any way we can.  Submissions are only open until December 15th. If you do submit something, let us know!

You can also use the online open submission option  to provide up to a 500 word submission to the government.

Telephone town Hall

Space for town halls are limited, we strongly suggest you reserve your space through the Ministry’s website  Participating in a town hall? Use our key messages to help guide your contribution.

If you are participating in a town hall we strongly suggest taking notes, and sharing them with us. We have little reason to trust that the government will accurately report out what happens in the telephone town halls. We want to be able to hold them to account as this process continues.

If you are unable to attend a town hall for your region, select a time for a nearby area. There are more town hall sessions planned, so check the ministry’s website for more dates if the posted times don’t work for you.

Online survey

You can also provide (limited) feedback through the online survey until December 15th.

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The We Have Your Back Team

The Ontario Government’s repeal of the updated health and physical education curriculum threatens the health and safety of children and youth. The impacts of this repeal will put children and youth at an increased risk of negative physical, mental, and sexual health outcomes.

The updated curriculum provided improved information, skills, and strategies needed to keep our children and youth healthy and safe. From affirming gender diverse youth to recognizing signs of cyber abuse, it is essential that education in Ontario reflects the realities of the 21st century.

Let Ontario’s kids know that we have their back. Join us in protecting the equity and dignity of all Ontarians.

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